I Trust Minimally Invasive Therapies for Treating Breast Cancer

I’m SULASTRI and a nurse from Indonesia. In April, 2017, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer without warning. A lump was detected in my left breast. My husband and I was frightened and we didn’t believe the bad news. While, my 10-year-old son comforted us and he also inquired about good hospitals from his teachers, which really touched us and gave me confidence.

My friends helped me find treatment at that juncture. As a nurse, I know that there’s no treatment for my case in Indonesia. Therefore, I went to Malaysia for consultation about the treatment and local doctors suggested surgery, which was the same answer I got in Singapore afterwards. As I have relatives in Malaysia, I underwent surgery there on 28, April.

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Six days after the surgery, I came to St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Actually, I learned about this hospital through internet and the satellite offices before taking surgery in Malaysia. I was quite interested in the minimally invasive therapies, while due to long distance, communication problem, uncertainty about the fee and lacking of trust, I didn’t choose it. Afterwards, my friend, who was once a breast cancer patient, brought me good news. In St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, she took minimally invasive treatment, which benefited her with better condition than those friends who took systemic chemotherapy and radiotherapy and suffered severe side effects in Malaysia and Indonesia. What I learned from her dispelled my fears. On May 24, I arrived at St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

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SULASTRI and her husband

As for my condition, the Multidisciplinary Team measured a treatment plan combining interventional therapy and natural therapy, which respectively aims to kill the residual cancer cells in my left breast and improves my immunity. The treatment affected me without suffering many side effects so I could carry on life as usual. In recent three months, I gained good efficacy and my friends all said I was nothing like a patient. It felt like I reborn as a healthy person.

cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, cancer treatment, minimally invasive treatment, interventional therapy, natural therapy.

SULASTRI and medical staff

As a nurse from Indonesia, I experienced the treatment in Malaysia and China and what broaden my horizons was the advanced technologies and service philosophy. The responsible doctors and caring nurses, friendly and helpful translators and comfortable environment, activities such as traveling and sightseeing, all together were really impressive and made me relieved. I felt like home here.

Up till now, The joy of recovery overwhelmed the panic on learning the diagnosis. I have better understanding on cancer. Cancer is not the end. I hope all cancer patients can fight cancer courageously, find the treatment and have faith in defeating it.

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How We Treat Cancer?

Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy is a new substitute of traditional chemotherapy, which means that a physician introduces instruments such as needles or catheters (long, thin tubes) into the body through tiny(1-2 mm) incisions in the skin. The instruments are then guided by an imaging technique called fluoroscopy to the cancer tumor. In this way, the physician can deliver cancer medicine directly to the tumor.more info

Cryotherapy Therapy

Cryotherapy Therapy, also known as “Argon-Helium Knife Cryotherapy”, is a new substitute of traditional physical therapy. Practically speaking it is “extreme cold + extreme heat” cancer treatment. Generally, a minimum of 10-15 minutes is required to achieve an extreme analgesic (pain relieving) effect while lowering the temperature to the injured area, thus reducing the metabolic rate and swelling associated with tissue injury.more info

Particle Knife

Particle Knife is a new substitute of traditional radiation therapy. With the help of computer Treatment Planning System (TPS), radioactive particles will be implanted into tumors. The particles which release γ-rays can continuously kill tumor and cause destruction targeting tumor cells. With time, the radiation amount would accumulate to be large enough to destroy the DNA double strands of tumor cells.more info

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Our medical team includes surgeons, radiology oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, nutritionists, accompanied by interpreters and related health experts; we shall be dedicated to provide you a convenient and high-quality service.

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