Dr. Jiao Yan

Dr. Jiao Yan

Associate Chief Physician; Director of Surgical Department


“No matter how severe the disease is, the patients always have right to continue to enjoy life. As a doctor, all I need to do is to relieve their pain, avoid letting them experience paraplegia, without losing the ability of movement thus they can enjoy their life again.”

Jiao Yan graduated from Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medical, majoring in orthopedics and further studied in the Tianjin Orthopedics Hospital and Zhengzhou Orthopedics Hospital, Dr. Jiao has over 20 years of experience in clinical orthopedic treatment, specialized in applying various advanced orthopedic treatment techniques, especially the minimally invasive orthopedic therapy. He is proficient in treatment for lumbar and cervical disc herniation, bone joint diseases, rehabilitation therapy of fracture, cancer pain relieving treatment. Besides, Dr. Jiao has published several papers in various well-known orthopedics academic magazines of China and is elected as an advanced worker and excellent individual in medical ethics.

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