I Have Conquered Breast Cancer and Tumor Never Return for 7 Years

Indra Kasih Tisnodjo comes from Indonesia, she is 78 years old, till now she has fought against breast cancer for 7 years. In April 2017, she went back to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for follow-up visit. Test results showed that all of her indicators were normal and her condition returned to normal. After 7 years follow-up, doctors announced that she would not need anticancer medicine any more. Nowadays, she is in good spirit and her head is clear. It is hard to believe that she is a 78 years old cancer patient who has been fighting against cancer for seven years.

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2010 is the saddest year for Indra Kasih Tisnodjo. Her younger sister left her forever because of colorectal cancer, while after one month a bump was detected in her right breast. A sense of foreboding enveloped her, she was extremely skeptical that she had breast cancer. Because the family genetic history, cancer has taken away the life of her father and younger sister, and her younger brother also had tongue cancer. After she heard of her brother, who has been fighting tongue cancer for 5 years, would go to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for return visit, she made up her mind to go to China in August, together with her husband and her brother, to have physical examination there.

After arrived at MCHG, Indra Kasih Tisnodjo had her checkup, and it turned out to be infiltrating ductal carcinoma in her right breast. Although she has been prepared for this result, this bad news still hit her hard. Immediately, she registered the admission procedure. At night, lying on the bed, Indra Kasih Tisnodjo felt very sad since she has spent almost all her life in fighting diseases. Besides breast cancer, she also had heart disease, gallstone and thyromegaly. Thyroomegaly troubled her a lot, because it made her neck thicker and her eyes protruding, she could not wear her glasses normally. She has been treating her thyromegaly for over 30 years in Indonesia, she visited many hospitals and accepted surgical operation, but it didn’t work well. She couldn't stop thinking about it and stayed up so late.

minimally invasive therapy, particle implantation, interventional therapy, natural therapy, breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Since she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her sleep and appetite lost rapidly. She lost 5-6kg in her weight thus she looked pale and weak. Based on her condition, doctors in MCHG timely conducted psychological therapy for her and promptly made an individualized treatment plan for her.

For early stage of breast cancer, surgical operation is the best method. But since Indra Kasih Tisnodjo was old and suffered from too many types of diseases, it was risky to conduct operation for her. Therefore, Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) in MCHG made a comprehensive treatment of particle implantation combined with natural therapy for her.

On September 8th, 2010, Indra Kasih Tisnodjo underwent the first particle implantation. Later, doctors detected her tumor in order to make sure the effect of particle implantation. The testing results were amazing and unbelievable, which surprised the doctors a lot. With once particle implantation, her tumor already shrank. To enhance the treatment effect, then doctors in MCHG carried out natural therapy and interventional therapy for her. The latter helped her overcome the thyromegaly which bothered her for over 30 years. Gradually, her eyes returned to normal, no longer bulging. Her tumor disappeared and never returned.

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