Nursing Care of Lung Cancer

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Early detection and treatment can greatly promote the prognosis of lung cancer. In addition, good nursing care can also improve the therapeutic effect and patients’ quality of life. The nursing care of lung cancer is classified into medical care and living care, while double therapeutic effects with half the effort can be obtained by combing these.
 lung cancer, nursing care of lung cancer
Medical Care

1.Environment of hospital should be comfortable, quiet and with fresh air. Smoking in hospital must be prohibited.
2.Since admission, patients should undergo the necessary examinations before treatment and patients ' vital signs should be closely observed. Patients who have severe hemoptysis should be prepared with rescue items, preventing apnea (brief pause in breathing). Patients with advanced lung cancer can be given analgesics (pain killer) properly to improve patients’ quality of life.

3.Knowing patients' diet, sleep and mental condition well. Patients should be guided with a scientific and reasonable diet. In addition, nursing staff should always get to know patients’ psychological condition, for those pessimistic patients, more attention should be paid on psychological communication and guidance, so as to keep the patients in good mental and physical state.
4. Nursing staff should explain the treatment plan including its significance, method, procedure, etc and the troubles that may appear in the procedure of treatment detailedly to the patients and their families in order to obtain their cooperation
5. Closely observing patients’ vital signs after treatment, avoiding the development of complications, such as operative bleeding, pulmonary atelectasis, infection, arrhythmia, pulmonary embolism, etc.
6. Based on the treatment and anesthesia plan, patients should be given proper body position after operation. Nursing staff should tell patients’ family to turn patients over regularly or massage the compressed region.
7. About expectoration. Patients should be encouraged to cough the phlegm out and proper aerosol inhalation can be given to help.
8. Postoperative rehibilitation exercise. Patients should do postoperative rehibilitation exercise to promote the expansion of lungs and increase pulmonary ventilation volume.
Living Care

1.Do regular check-up, especially for people who are suspected of lung diseases or the high-risk population of lung cancer, X-ray or CT scan should be done regularly. This is very important for early detection and treatment.

2.Keep mindset healthy. A positive mindset plays an extremely important role in rehabilitation. Furthermore, the treatment for lung cancer is varied and early active treatment can achieve a good effect, so patients do not need to be panic.
3.Maintain indoor quiet and air fresh.
4. Quit smoking. Long-term smoking is closely related to the cause of lung cancer and the longer and more you smoke, your risk of developing lung cancer will be higher.

Nursing Care of Lung Cancer
Nursing Care of Lung Cancer

Early detection and treatment can greatly promote the prognosis of lung cancer. In addition, good nursing care can also improve the therapeutic effect and patients quality of life. The nursing care of lung cancer is classified into medical c...

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